If you are being asked the above question, how would you respond to answer it? To those of us who are not used to boast or brag about ourselves, we will find it a most difficult question to answer!

Perhaps, we will hesitate for a while. Then we will have to spend some time to really think and examine ourselves Can we tabulate the goodness or kindness we have done? Are we consistent with our goodness or mere righteousness!

Is righteousness and goodness the same thing? Are we that good all the time? Do we skewered more to goodness or badness? This is the correct time to reflect on this question!

One’s intention or deed can be bad in the eyes of other people. How can we be so sure that what we have just done  is good or bad?

Actually, I overheard a friend encourage another guy to donate his organs when he dies so that other people can benefit. Morally and in the eyes of society, this is a very good deed! Why not recycle our organs and give to those who need them a lease of new life instead of allowing these organs to decay. WHAT A WASTE! Well, why don’t all of us do just that? Frankly, why not?



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