Can we buy and sell TIME? It is an interesting topic. How wonderful it is if we can save time like money! Or,  spend it , when and where we like!

Does TIME belong to any particular person or nation? Who owns TIME?

May the poem below speak to all of us :


TIME, like water, seeps through our fingers,

Those on our palms evaporate into thin air;

How long is a day or an hour?

The minutes gobble it in seconds!

Can anything withstand the onslaught of TIME,

The master of human slavery?

Time marches on without stoppage,

Those who lag behind will distant further;

Merciless and hearless, TIME has no compassion,

In regualr beats it advances;

Our hearts though stout and strong,

Are beating funeral marches on the day we’re born!

Ready or not, the music will stop,

When our final note is done!




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