As usual with every festive season, the police are very concerned with motorists who drink and drive. Yet many drivers do not realize the danger of drinking driving. Some even boast that they drive better and are more careful when they drive after a few glasses of beer or wine! Perhaps so according to their own reasoning!

I am not a drinker. I am a teetotaller. I don’t enjoy drinking wines or beers! Give me some fruit-juices instead! I’ll love it! Ah replace it with coffee or tea. That will be heavenly……..

I sincerely hope that those who drink, don’t drive. Heed the police advice! Take public transport instead or get a non-drinker friend to drive.

I just remember that I did have a written a poem on : BUBBLES IN WINE. Let this poem speak to all of us!


Bubbles in wine,

Give joy in jubilation,

Or sorrow in intoxication?

Consume them as they appear,

In joyful or sorrowful mood;

Gulp them down to flood the mind,

And freeze the senses in limbo state,

Till you are completely drunk,

And remain in that passive state!

One by one the wine bubbles burst,

In your dream-land they create;

Scenes that dazzle and boggle the mind;

You are totally freed from your normal self,

Act as you like, without inhibition or restrain,

Not accountable to anyone at large;

The remorse and regret will only come,

When you return to your sober state,

Take time to eradicate the mess you make!


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