Sometime ago, some one said that most poets find difficulty in praising the country that they live in. Is it a true statement, I just wonder.

Each country has her own national anthem. There are songs that praises the towns, the rivers and the countryside that the poets reside in. Do we have any collection of poems which praises the country or nation. To my limited knowledge, there is few in number.

Well, I do remember that I have written one on SINGAPORE a very long time ago. I just happened to come across it when I was cleaning the store-room and going through some of the Autographs which I collected during my school days! I did spend almost a whole afternoon reading and recollecting the happy times when I was in school. I promise to write about some of the incidents at a later stage.

Now, let me share the poem on SINGAPORE with all of you. I still think that it is relevant today!



A chameleon;

Adaptation for survival,

Constant changing, improving skyline,

Stable, progressive, pragmatic with foresight;

Cohesive people in multi-racial, multi-cultural pot-pourri,

United, peaceful and clean environment,

Business, leisure or roosting,

One stop shopping,

Tourists’ paradise,



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