As I glance through the pages of  my brownish and yellowish little autograph book which my classmates had written when I was in school, memories flooded my mind and I was really overwhelmed! They really bring back happy and sad memories of by-gone years……

When we were in school, the last one week after the final term of the year examination, we always passed around our autograph books to one another so that we would write some nonsensical stuff  or sketched and coloured our drawings into each other’s books. We really took great pains and careful attention to what we wrote and were proud of them!

Nowadays, the writing in autograph books is not fashionable anymore. Some children do not even know what the autograph books are.

Well, back to my writing. Just to refresh and inform some of my readers, I shall post some of the favourite and popular ones during my period here:

1. Drink hot coffee, Drink hot tea, Burns your lips and remember ME!

2. Fall from the tree top, Fall from above; Fall from everywhere but don’t fall in LOVE!

3. In the deep ocean there stands a rock, On it is written : FORGET ME NOT!

4. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet, But not as sweet as YOU!

5. Make new friends, Don’t forget the old, For one is silver, The other is gold!

6. I am always in your thoughts so that you will forget me not!

7. When you go to Heaven, You’ll see me waiting at the gate, When you don’t see me, That means I’m late!

Well, the last one was written by my very best friend in Primary school. I have lost touch with him since he worked on board a ship studying for his MOT! How I wish he could read what he has written and I do hope to catch up with him when I arrive in Heaven!


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