Writing about my very best friend in Primary School brought back the memory of a hilarious incident in school.

Our Science teacher told us each to bring a cockroach to school so that we could examine it under our magnifying hand lens. I was very enthusiastic and I caught 5 live cockroaches to school while all the other children were very obedient because they brought only one each. Because they were afraid of these creatures, they killed them and put them in a match box. As mine was still alive, I had to bring them in a small jar with a cover.

We had a morning Assembly and the Principal addressed the whole school. There was complete silence when the Principal addressed all of us.

I was standing behind my best friend with our bags on the grass. Accidentally, the lid of the jar fell open and the cockroaches began to scramble out. Two flew up and landed on my best friend’s back. I told him about it out of good intention.

He started to yell and scream! Every one in the Assembly was shocked. The Principal stopped talking and ordered both of us to march to his office. After the assembly, the Principal came back to deal with us.

I  was very honest and told the Principal the incident. I apologized for interrupting the Assembly and admitted that I deserved the punishment and not my best friend. He was too afraid to say anything to defend himself.

Surprisingly, the Principal gave us a smile and pat me on the head. He said that he would not want to punish us because I was honest and brave enough to speak up. Feeling very happy, both of thanked the Principal and promised to behave ourselves in future.

Back to the classroom, we came face to face with our form teacher. He was indeed furious with us especially me! He bellowed, “What did the Principal do?” We told him the truth.

Wow! I could feel the heat and pain on my left and right cheeks as he swung his right hand in a to and fro motion. I was too stunned. During those years corporal punishment was very common! Those were the days….



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