I just wonder how many of us have attended a birthday party where the birthday person celebrates 4 birthdays in one celebration? I don’t think any one has this experience, but I did!

My very good friend whom I wrote about on my last two posts was that unique person. He was born on 29th February on a leap year. As far as I know he celebrated his birthday once every 4 years. He just continued this practice because his parents started it for him.

I attended his 3rd and 4th birthday celebrations. On the 3rd occasion, he celebrated his 9, 10, 11 and 12 birthdays together while the 4th occasion, he celebrated his 13, 14,15 and 16 birthdays at one go! We used to joke saying that he was the only one of a kind who celebrated a birthday but his chronological age increased by 4 years. Doesn’t it sound strange?

During the celebration, he would be presented with 4 birthday cakes, each having a different number of candles on it to signify his age.His friends (invited only close friends) would sing the Happy Birthday song 4 times. After each singing, he would cut the cake which signifies his age. Strange practice indeed! I still wonder if he carried on this practice. If you know of someone else, do let me know!

By the way, someone asked me for his name. He is Lee Yee Choon. I wonder where he is now. Perhaps, I may have to catch up with him in Heaven. He was the one who wrote “When you go to Heaven, you will see me waiting for you at the gate. If you don’t see me, then I am late!”

He was very well-known for being late – even for his examination! I really hope that I would meet up with him!.

Thank you, Yee Choon, for giving me sweet memories of our friendship days. May God bless you wherever you are!



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