Have you ever experienced tossing to and fro in bed but could not get your forty-winks? I think most of us do have this experience once in a while. This is what they called “insomnia”! So what do you do when you have insomnia?

I am one guy who can fall asleep anywhere and at any time! I can fall asleep in the bus, on the train or just in front of a television screen! I have always been scolded by my wife.

Once I fell asleep on a bus and was being locked inside it because the driver took it for granted that all the passengers had alighted. When I awoke a few minutes later, I was horrified because I was all alone in an empty bus. I did not know how to open the door of the bus. Worse of all  I felt urgent and needed to urinate! What should I do? Endure the agony and waited patiently but earnestly  for the driver to come to drive the bus on the next schedule.

Well, last night or more accurately this morning, at the wee hours, I woke up and could not go back to sleep. So, this was what I did: Make full use of the time by counting sheep! I failed miserably! Ah, I took out my pen and note-book and started to scribble. My sleepy mind was not awakened yet. So, I went to refresh myself. Washing my face with cold water,  I returned to my desk. Ah, it worked. Below, is the result of what I had written:


In the stillness of the night,

I lay tossing to and fro in bed;

Sleep eluded me and fled in fright,

My tired eyes were moist and red!

The by-gone years flashed fleeting fast,

Those care-free days I failed to enjoy;

Regrets weighed heavily in my heart:

The wasted years of remorse and toil,

Etched the wrinkles on my battered face!

Now in this stillness I need not hide,

But bare my soul in silent howl!

Shed me a tear and a sigh,

But cherish each day of your life!

Well, after writing the above poem, I was able to sleep soundly again. Funny, isn’t it?


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