Yesterday, a group of my friends and I were discussing on the topic: EQUALITY. Every one of us subscribes  to the idea of equality, but is there EQUALITY in this world of ours? The answer is a big NO!

Let’s look around us.Are we equal? What we are going after is a phantom society giving equal chances as the starting point of equality. But is this enough?

There is no equality in the animal kingdom. The strongest survives while the weakest succumbs meekly. The wealthy lords over those who are in poverty.

Some are born with mental or physical disabilities! How does equality work when there is a discrimination of race, colour and religion?

Then, again, all of us also believe in RETRIBUTION! What is retribution? When will it come: in this life-time or the next?

Ah, my poor, simple mind is overwhelmed by all these problems. It is an interesting topic for discussion, but it really drains off all our energies! Somehow, the vicious cycle comes back to the ultimate question :GOD! Is there a GOD? I will let you answer that question personally!

I have just written a poem on EQUALITY. I wonder if it speaks to you…….

When are fingers are of different lengths,

Where does equality begin?

When physical endowments are different,

How do individuals fairly compete?

When one’s connections and positions are important,

Where can we find true justice?

When there are no standard norms,

Where can we have equal footing?

In life, there is no EQUALITY,

When the rich and poor differs,

When the mighty coerce the weak;

There is no JUSTICE,

When the laws discriminates!

Men and women fight for equality,

In their effort to lead,

In the dream-world of their own,

Creating phantoms laws to rule,

With self-hypnotism they relentlessly pursue,

A just and perfect world in a bubble!

What are you reactions? I would very much like to hear from you!


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