A close friend of mine requested me to counsel his son because he has been nursing his broken heart over a love affair. I accepted and spoke to the young man in his mid twenties. During one of the sessions he asked me a very personal question : Do you really know how I felt? Have you had this kind of experience before?

Well, I assured the young man that this will not be the first and only time! Every one of us will fall in love and fall out of love many times as we grow older!

But his question made me recollect the experience I had gone through when I was at his age! I remember I wrote a poem to her who is now my wife for more than 40 years! My godson, Alvin, posted it in the internet a long time ago without my knowledge. Today, I am posting it up for all to read. 


O moon, how you reign in the sky!

So gentle, so stately and yet so kind;

Alone, you stand amidst your vast empire,

Above earthly scepter crown and scythe!

A favour from you may I request,

Send my love to Pam, I bequest;

Show her this inner heart of mine,

That she will read every line!

My longing and yearning for her to know,

Beyond these lines unfold;

My beam of love may you so shine,

To her, for her and hers will be, all the time!

May you, my love eternally  shine,

For her to see, to feel and to find;

My love for her will forever grow,

Above highest mountain and deepest snow!

I remember the feeling, the agony and the hurt. I am fortunate that we were able to patch up our differences.

Well, any comment? I will be glad to hear from you!




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