Most teachers have very high ideals when they first started teaching. They try to work their guts out for their students! After some years, because of the realities they face and the restrictions which they are encountering, they modify their ideals. Some begin to lose the calling they are supposed to fulfil.

After more than 35 years of teaching, I still have that burning desire to fulfil as a teacher. So it was with great joy that I accepted an invitation to dinner given by my old student, Dr Ng. He was also the same college year as my second son. So with my grand-daughter, we attended the dinner at the restaurant. We had a sumptuous meal. My grand-daughter got on well with Dr Ng who has gentle ways with little girls. She was ver attentive, listening to our conversation.

After the dinner, while driving home, my grand-daughter suddenly burst out saying,”Daddy, I didn’t know that grandpa is very clever! He even teach doctors!” My son and I had a good laugh!

Well, I was indeed proud to see Dr Ng doing well in life. He is still a bachelor. Most of my other students are also doing well. I really feel proud of them. This incident brought me back to the poem which I wrote and kept it all these years because I feel shy and embarrass to publish it. Today, I am going to just share this secret with you:


Footprints I leave behind on this vast shore,

Where I will nurture and guide my students,

I will lead them to explore and find,

Knowledge and wisdom to broaden their mind,

Life-skills I deposit into each heart,

To help them survive and be street smart;

When their trail of life starts,

Able to contribute, create and build,

A better tomorrow with their skills

Then I have not taught in vain,

These lines will forever remain,

In my heart deeply within!

That has been my calling when I first started teaching. Those who do not know me may say that I am boasting. Frankly and humbly, that has been my guiding principle all those teaching years!



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