Down through the history of Man, from the very beginning of time, we have never found any evidence of man capturing another man to be his wife.

In the ancient early history of Rome, when the Romans found that they did not have enough females for its warriors, the government invited neighbour countries and cities and states to Rome for a banquet. The guests were encouraged to bring along their wives so that they could enjoy the occasion. In the midst of the banquet when all the male guests were drunk, the Roman soldiers carried away their wives and sudduced them to be their wives.

Funny, isn’t it. Our modern generation is fighting for recognition: SAME SEX MARRIAGE! Perhaps, this is one of the truamas of modern living. Man is tired of living or cohabitating together with the opposite sex that they want a roundabout change. So, the idea of SAME SEX MARRIAGE! Further down the road some gay guys will say, ” Hey, buddy wife, why SAME SEX MARRIAGE, let us go a step further : MARRIAGE BETWEEN MAN AND BEASTS!”

That would sound pleasing and interesting to someone’s ears and the message and disease will pass on the line. You love your sow; I love my boar! Or, he loves his bitch and she loves her dog! Very well, then get MARRIED! Ah it has to be recognised by the law. So a movement is systematically organised and the organisation gathers momentumn. When the Presidential Election is coming, let us add some pressure to the guys who need our support. We support him; in return, he will support us. Fair and square.

Well, you have the scenario, don’t you? I must humbly apologise if I have stepped on your toes. Whatever your reasons or excuses may be, SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS A PLOY OF THE DEVIL TO LED YOU TO HELL!

I must apologise for my pigheaded forcefulness. THIS IS MY STAND!

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