Anyone and everyone who reads my block will know that I am IT illiterate!  I am not trying to be cheeky! It is a fact. I admit it! This is not the kind of thing which one would like to boast, but to me, a fact is a fact.

I always marvel and admire those creative people working behind the computers at wordpress. com. All their hard work to improve the writer’s blog is very much commendable! But the problem is not with you guys but with me. No matter how I have tried to give my blog page something new, I always failed. I have resigned myself and am grateful to remain where I am today, and am very satisfied with the blog design that is given to me. Everything free of charge: A very big THANK YOU!

I wonder how many of my readers would encounter the same problems I am facing now. It is not with but with my or google chrome). Two weeks ago, whenever I use Google to go into my gmail account, a funny icon and an advice telling me that “there are some unresponsive pages” and asks whether I would like to “kill” or “wait” for them to be responsive. Like a good lad and an obedient one, I pressed the “wait” button. I patiently waited for half an hour but nothing happened! Then I became a little bit upset and hit the “kill” button. Again, I waited. No result! What has gone wrong? What can I do? Help! Any guys in Google or can help this IT illiterate man to rectify this?

My good friend advised me to use Yahoo to go into my gmail; and hey presto! It works like a miracle! I could read my mail and did my usual chores. But what I am really sad is I am very familiar with Google and google chrome that I do not wish to change. You know the old one is more user friendly with guys like me!

Funny, isn’t it? We do not like changes in our lives! We prefer to keep the old and even preserve them when we cannot use them. I am one of those guys! I do not like new clothes because I feel uncomfortable in them. Ah, I do not like new shoes because my feet will hurt!

But, one thing I like. It is making new friends! They can make my life more interesting! Any friends out there?


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