Today, I am really feeling very down . I don’t know why I am feeling this way. Perhaps, it is because of the weather – being drenched in the rain, two days in a row!

Well, whenever I have this kind of feeling, I usually go to the beach. Take off my shoes and walk along the water’s edge on the beach. With the waves splashing against my feet, I would feel much better. I think I’ll go to the beach tomorrow.

Always in this kind of lousy mood, verses come fast and swift! I have to jot them down or else , I cannot remember what hits me. So I scribbled  like a mad man in the bus. Luckily, I always carry a notebook with me. So, this is what I have written.


Like a kite on tethered string,

We are free to act and roam;

Within the boundary of its length;

And the whims and fancies of the wind!

We find great strength when the string is taut,

Braving against the forceful wind,

We can soar higher in delight,

And challenge the wind to a fight!

When the string is tensionless,

We will be tossed about in the air;

Having no achor to withstand the onslaught,

The lashing whip of the mighty wind!

This is LIFE when we are tethered by unseen strings!

Perhaps, after reading the poem , some of you may have some remedy for me. Do let me know, please!


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