Someone just asked me the other day if I was fashion conscious. I replied in the negative. How fashion conscuous is everyone of us?

It isn’t that I am not fashionable nor have no sense of fashion. I am a little affected by today’s fashion but I am not crazy over it. The fashion designers will find it difficult to earn my money! I wear what I like and feel comfortable in. I don’t just wear put on the colour which I detest.

Actually, we are indirectly helping to support the life-styles of the fashion designers We pay a huge sum of money just to buy the stuff that they  created. Let us look at the modern generation. Branded clothing, shoes, watches, wallets, rings and ear-rings. Just to put on on one’s self costs at least two hundred dollars! I can get all these apparel at one-fifth of the price! And they are good stuff too!

We are at the mercy of these so-called fashion designers! They tie a noose over us and lead us to what they dictate us to wear! How frightening it is!

Now, let us look at today’s fashion. I saw a lady at a shopping centre. She must be in her early thirties with her daughter. She wore a tight fitting I shirt and a pair of mini-shorts similar to her daughter’s. But what is shocking (I put it in the present tense) is that her shorts is shorter than her daughter’s. They must have worn each other’s pair by mistake or in haste! What an irony!

Well, what about the colours of one’s hair. What colour is in fashion? Some men have their crown of glory red, purple, blue and white! Some like their in two tones of colour.

Ah, this leads us to body tatoos! Tatoos on white skin do reflect good taste and colour. What about tatoos on black skin? Oh yews, the place where the tatoos are on. Some ladies like them to be on the top cleft of the breast. That is a sure invitation for the male eyes to google and feast! Ah, what about the flower just above the dividing line of the buttocks? What do they signify?

Now, ear-rings are in fashion for quite some time. In ancient times, the male put on ear-ring is to mislead the spirit. Nowadays, look at the teenagers. Males having long stresses and wearing ear-rings. Are they gay? I just wonder!

If I become a FASHION DESIGNER. This is what I’m going to do! Skin-head for both males and females.Clothings will be tattered and torn: beggar’s look. Face : dirty and black patches using cheap make-up. Teeth: Yellow, black or red. Shoesless!

Any artist, please try to draw up this future designer fashion. Guaranteed whole wide storm! Any models want to try it? Beginner’s luck!

Any comment at your mercy! Bye and be good!


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