Many of us do come across the crossroads in life one way or the other. Today, I am writing to those who are facing the crossroads and do not know what to do or which road to take. The decision is entirely your own for you have to make the choice! We cannot push the responsibility of making the choice to any other person but only ourselves! What do we do then? Well, I am not a guru here. I can just give you my experiences. You either take it or ignore it. In the same way, I know someone who is very close to me, is facing the same problem and this is what I wrote:



Appearing before me,

Which should I choose?

Each to diferent unknown destination;

No clues for what lies ahead,

A choice I need to make;

In blind faith I take the plunge,

Knowing that He who feeds the sparrows,

Is able to clothe me too!

That little faith of trust in Him,

Has never failed me all these years;

Boldly and calmly I will make my choice,

With Him as myGuide,

My choice is aways correct!

I hope this short poem speaks to you. Perhaps, you are of different faith, then approach someone of similar faith to speak to you. If you like me to help you, you are always  welcome to write to me. So dear readers, Do good and be good!

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