Just the other night someone suggested to me why I do not write about WITS and the WORDWITTING GAMES again. This set my mind thinking. I will be churning over these suggestions to see if I can do it or not.

I remember the WORDWITTING GAMES which I posted some time ago did arouse interest  among  primary and secondary students at the place where I write my blog. All of them were very disappointed when I stopped posting the game Frankly during that period of time, I did enjoy myself creating and writing the game. Then somehow, after 5 or 6 games, I felt bored. Now, these students are begging me to write something for them either once a week or fortnightly. I have not answered them yet but told them that I decide later.

This morning, since none of them is around to “disturb” me, I will try to give them a surprise!

Three  riddles come to my mind. See if you could solve them:

1.   What food is served without any plate and yet you can all the ingredients you like to eat?

2.   What is the difference between a real mouse and an artificial one (computer-mouse)? Don’t tell me one is alive while the other has no life! That reasoning, any dumb any will know!

3.   Sometime ago, a naval officer commanding a submarine related his experience to all of us. He said that he was in the submarine which can carry a maximum of 40 members only. Somehow, the crew members were in a dilemma because one of them was pregnant and about to give birth onboard. One crew member shouted, “Let’s pray that it will not ssssss ink!” Before he could finish the sentence, the ship sank! Can you give a reason why it sank?

I am a little cheeky this morning, so I’m not going to tell you the answers. Have patience, or else write to me and I will surely provide you with the answers.


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