I have been told that the English Language is a beautiful language whether it is spoken or written and I totally agree. But nowadays when you listen to the conversation of school children and adults, what common swear words do we hear: shit, f**k, basket, bastard, etc!

Maybe, it’s my personal observation and I have less contacts. I feel that the young of modern age lacks the vocabulary of expression. Or is it due to the over exposure of the media? What do you think?

Today, I have written a number of expression in the English Language for my young readers. Test yourself to see how much you understand what it means or what it is:

When needles have eyes and shoes have tongues,

Clocks have hands while cars have trunks;

When bottles wear caps and walls have ears,

Our cheeks have dimples while eyes have pupils,

Maps and pianos must have different sets of keys,

Unlike fishes, mushrooms too have gills,

To store their spores under their caps;

Our fingers have nails,

Why must we buy some to fix the window sill?

Well, don’t you agree that the English Language is beautiful?

I shall give you the answers to the 3 riddles in the last post when I resume my WORDWITTING GAMES in the next blog!




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