The students around me are asking me to check if their answers to the 3 riddles in LUM’S WIT are correct. So just to obliged them, here are the answers:


2. The real mouse has a tail behind it while the artificial one has the tail in front of it.

3. A submarine always stays beneath the water when it is moving.

I think, I have fulfilled my promise. The next action will be another 5 questions for them to answer. Well, this time the answer is given below and you have to decipher it to know the correct answer.

1. What do you call a person who always offer aid to the family?

2. What always brings tears to your eyes even though you don’t feel like crying?

3. What does a leopard always like to wear?

4. Why does your car look like an elephant?

5. How did the hunter kill a slithering snake, a ferocious tiger and a wild camel with only a bullet in his rifle?

Well, have some fun. Just spent 10 to 15 minutes to try to solve them before looking for the answers. If you like this game, click the I like icon. Thank you.



1.diam (maid)

2.peeling nnoois. (onions)

3. koalp tods. (polka dots)

4. Both have a untkr.  (trunk)

5. He shot the snake, drank the Tiger (name of a beer) and smoke the camel (a cigarette brand).




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