What is “sanity” and what is “insanity?” It is a very thin dividing line between these two. Who is to judge who is sane and who is insane? Even psychologists and psychiatrists find it difficult to pronounce somebody as insane! Is behaving abnormally an insane trait? Or, doing something which is different from other people is considered insane?

Does an insane individual know that he is insane? I spoke to someone whom many people say that he is insane, and I found him speaking sense. It is only when he is agitated or is angry with something or somebody, then he becomes insane. He will start shouting and scold every passer-by. He usually has three mark periods a day: around 10.00am in the morning, 2.30pm and 7.00pm. During these periods, he seems to be another person.

In my conversation with him, I boldly asked him if he knew what he was doing. He somehow laughed and found it odd. He told me that he was scolding someone whom we cannot see. That somebody always comes to disturb him and so he behaves that way. This was the answer he gave me. I do not know if it is genuine. Then, I took up all my courage and asked the ultimate question: Are you sane or insane? ” You must be insane to think that I’m insane” was his reply!

So, when a person says that he is insane when he is sane, we say that he is sane. When a person says that he is sane when he is insane, he is also sane. Otherwise, how does he know between sane and insane? Did I get you confuse?  Ah, we are both, sane as well as insane!

Well, here is another instalment on LUM’S WIT (4). Take your time to answer each question.

1. What happens to the fish when they are salted?

2. What is the difference between an ant and an elephant?

3. Name a fish that cannot survive in water?

4. What did the cannibals in Africa say to each other when they saw tourists visiting them?

5. How would you unlock  a locked door without a key?

6. What is the name of a bird which can talk, dance and sing?


Here are the answers:

1. Salted fish. Got it!

2. An ant is the tiniest species of the ant family, while the eleph ant is the gi ant species!

3. Silver fish which is an insect that lives on land.

4. “Here comes our food!”

5. Pick the lock!

6. Big Bird (of Sesame Street)

Hope you have enjoyed answering these questions as much as I have enjoyed posting them up for you. Take care , my friends.


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