If we look up this word in the Internet, we will have numerous definitions of what WITS is. To me, it is simplify some form of intelligence and ability to use and play with words, decode and encode words with different meanings, Trying to extract wisdom and truth out of words! In fact, when we were in school in the fifties, we did call ourselves the “wordsmen” .

How witty are we? In this technological age, do we have time for WITS? Have we a moment to spare and enjoy some witty sayings and stuff at least once a day? Indeed, I am very encouraged and blessed when I read Ms Michelle Koop @ the wordwit. She kindles the childhood passion that I had left behind me a very long time ago; and I rediscover the joy once again.

To me, WITS stands for  WORDS IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUE  STRATEGIES. It is my own definition.  We use different techniques or strategies to decode, encode or even transform a word or a sentence. It is not a difficult task if we put on our creative thinking caps! Anyone who has a good vocabulary in the English Language should be able to do it. Try it out yourselves. It’s fun!

A reader asked me if the answers I gave to the questions I asked are true or my own making. I must say that my answers are witty and sometimes common sense. All the questions are suitable for teenagers as well as grown-ups. They do sharpen our minds if the answers differs from the correct ones. Don’t take the questions and answers seriously. They are meant for us to have fun! So enjoy the exercise! They are food for the mind and soul as well!

Below are the questions for WIT 5

1. Why do slippers or sandals come in pairs?

2. Why do trees in tropical forests try to grow taller than their neighbours?

3. Why does an angler always like to go fishing alone?

4. In tropical countries, why do dark clouds bring heavy rainfall?

5. When will a whistle-blower blow his whistle?

6. Why do birds have to build their own nests?

Again, someone just asked me if  these questions and answers are taken from other authors. I can assure you that all these are my own creations, not copied from others! So enjoy yourselves before you find out the answers!



Here are the answers:

1. It is because we have only two feet!

2. Trees are very nosey people. They grow taller so as to enable themselves to see  what their neighbours are doing.

3. He wants to enjoy his hobby undisturbed!

4. The dark clouds want to wash away their filth and dirt.

5. When he sees a foul is being committed, he will blow his whistle!

6. They have to because no one wants to rent them a room!

If any readers want to offer better creative and witty answers, please do so. I welcome them.


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