English expressions down through the centuries have changes in meanings. Even our vocabulary changes with the times. It is the same with grammar. That is why we say that English is a living language. While archaic words become obsolete, new words and phrases are invented. Even in the west, the English spoken by the Americans and the British differs from each other in meaning and usage in idiomatic phrases.

In my country, we too have our special brand of English called Singlish. Only locals will understand the meaning of the words and innuendos.  Native speakers of English will catch no balls, so to speak! Funny, isn’t it?

This leads us to the above expression, “go and fly a kite!” There are different shades of meanings but it is expressed  in a more polite way than our modern usage of “F*** off”. It  can mean “Stop bothering or annoying me! Go and find something more useful to amuse yourself!”, or literally “go and fly a kite”. So with so many differing meanings, which one does it mean when someone tells you “Go and fly a kite!”?

Here are the questions for WIT 6:

1. Why does a cat have green eyes?

2. Why does a crow have shiny black feathers?

3. Recently, our government suddenly want to build more flats. Do you know the reason for it?

4. What is it that when the more you feed it, the fiercer  it will become?

5. Do you know that all of us have two trees without branches? What trees are they?

6. Why do ladies like to wear pants or shorts these days?

Do not be surprised by my answers. Try to give your own.


1.The cat is jealous of the dog for getting all the affection from their master and mistress!

2. The crow tries to camouflage all its evil deeds!

3. There is a sudden population explosion!

4. A fire.

5. Palms

6. The ladies have lost all their graceful feminine traits. So, ladies. Please don’t get angry with me!

Well, till I write again, have a happy weekend. Be good and do good!


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