This afternoon, the students around me were having some fun and enjoyable time. They kept on pestering me how I think of questions for the WIT games. So, this afternoon, I spent the whole afternoon with hands-on sessions, teaching them how to think of witty answers.

You will be surprised to know that not many of these students possess a computer at home. They are from the lower income group. They depend on the schools they attended to have computer-based learning lessons. That is how I attract them, using my ancient lap top and the free internet at our location to teach them.

To think of a witty question, we must have  two or more subjects in our mind. Let’s think of the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes. Let us use this character to ask a question.( They gave me numerous questions. ) We selected one and brainstormed how to reword the question in an interesting way and came up with: HOW DID THE FAMOUS SHERLOCK  HOLMES SOLVE ALL HIS CRIMES?

Again we brainstormed for various kinds  of answers. While doing so, all of us really enjoyed ourselves. All of us agreed that this is the best and witty answer: HE GATHERED ALL THE CLUES AND ADD TWO AND TWO TOGETHER – THAT SIMPLE!

Then the group was divided into three smaller groups and each group had to present two or three questions and  answers So, this is the result of their group effort which I am posting as WIT 7:

1, Why is our staircase like a tree trunk?

2. John is a very clever man. At one glance, he can distinguish “an employee” from “an employer”. How did he do it?

3. What advice did the tortoise give to the hare after winning the competition?

4. What ultimatum did the FIRE give to the WATER?

5. How does a taxi driver treat all his passengers?

6. Why does  a man love to have many mistresses?

These are the answers provided by the group. I only did some correction of grammar. Are the answers witty or you can offer a better answer, let us hear from you!

Here are the answers:

1. Because we can climb up or down.

2. This answer caught me in surprise :Easy – “employer” ends with an “r” while “employee” end with an “e”

3. Slow and steady wins the race!

4. “If you don’t cool me down, I’ll make you boil!”

5. The first few passengers he regards them as his meals for the day. The next few, he regards them as his rental and fuel for the day… but when he comes to his eighth passenger who happens to be a lady, he is overjoyed because he regards him as his entertainment!

6. A man with a wife and many mistresses always likes to see the ladies all fighting over him!

Well, the holidays will soon be over. (This is the last week) At least the students here did learn something today. We truly had an enjoyable time. Perhaps, the next post will be our last WIT game. So, don’t miss out!


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