There were lots of activities at the place where I wrote my blog . The students were very enthusiastic to try their new game.  They are challenging each other. Well, at least I have made the last week of their school holidays fun and enjoyable.

All of them became very sad when I told them that I would stop writing the game for the time being. They wanted to know my reasons  for stopping. Frank, I have no answers because I want to venture on to other games, jokes…etc. Alas, I know my limitations. I am no good at all in drawing and other IT work. So, I may return to my normal sharing of life experiences…….

Here are the questions for WIT 8. I am giving more questions since this is the last.

1. What did grandpa volcano advise his grandson volcano?

2. What final warning did the doctor give to the fire?

3. Why do ostriches have long legs?

4. Why does an elephant always flap its ears?

5. How to cure a runny nose?

6. What question did the little boy asked the smoker?

7. What is the difference between a thumb and a finger?

8. How would you define a train?

9.Why do stars twinkle at night?

10. What causes high and low tides?

Spend some time to think about the answers. Do give me your answers if you think it is more witty than mine. I welcome them.



1. Don’t you know that your tantrums have caused a catastrophe?

2. Your obesity will kill you in the end!

3. They are always on the run.

4. It thinks that its two ears are wings and it wants to fly!

5. Just turn off the tap above the nose.

6. Sir, are you a dragon? You are belching out smoke!

7. A thumb always signifies first, good and thank you; while a finger can signify one, come here, go there and you!

8. A train is a fleet of 6 or seven buses linked from front to the back of each other and run on rails.

9. They are about to fall asleep.

10. The amount of liquids you consume daily!

I really enjoyed my thoroughly posting these questions for all of you. Thank you all for your participation and feedback. I’ll continue with chat on my life experiences. Hope to meet all of you soon…….


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