Some has suggested another blog for the WIZKIDS games. I am taking part of their suggestion but I’m not going to create another blog. If the kids like they should create one themselves. I don’t mind the title ” Q & A WITH A DIFFERENCE” . It sounds good and also intriguing.

Many guys who read the questions and answers gave us a pat on our backs and encourage us to continue posting the questions and answers. So far, I have received more than 50 questions which I have selected. I have changed a number of answers as I feel that they are not thought provoking or answer to the question at hand.

I am surprised that I have a very young reader who is about 10 years old. She is Verlene. She shows great interest in how we got the questions and answers. She takes the questions like riddles! I hope she would want to share this blog with her school classmates and schoolmates.

Well, put on your thinking caps and try to get as many correct answers as possible. Here are the questions:

1. What will a very long eel when it curls itself round and round become?

2. Why do we give a person a dead-line to complete a job or an assignment?

3. What makes our heart tick faster?

4.When will a male baby have his ears pierced?

5. How high is Mount Everest?

6. What did the dwarf say to the giant?

7. What happens to the motor-car if it runs out of gas?

8. Why do balloons come in all different shapes and sizes?

9. What will happen when you burn a candle at both ends?

10. Who are you if you are wanted by the police?

11. What would you usually do if you are suddenly awakened in the middle of the night?

12. We were caught in a heavy downpour yet we were not drenched. Why?

13. How can “a few” turn out to be “many”?

14. Last Saturday, John and his friends went to town to enjoy themselves. They painted the town red. Why did they paint the town red?

15. Why does a bicycle have only two wheels?

Fifteen questions to whet your appetite. Hope you will continue with this game. Spread the word round to all you friends and classmates. If you like, drop us an email and participate in the fun!


Here are the answers:

1. A big wh eel!

2. It is to ensure that he completes the job or assignment before he dies!

3. Love, fear and exercise.

4. When his parents cannot figure out if he is a girl or a boy!

5. As high a its peak.

6. “You are just a mountain of meat!”

7. The car will continue to run because it does not run on gas. It runs on petrol!

8. Air has no fixed shape .

9. A candle burning at both ends cannot stand straight on a candle stand.

10. You are a fugitive!

11. Go back to sleep again.

12. We were travelling in a bus!

13. “A few” can mean “some”. “Some” can mean “several” and “several” can mean “many”!

14. There were no other colour but red!

15. That is why it is called a bi-cycle! If it has one wheel, it is called a unicycle, three wheels , a tricycle and four wheels, a car!

We hope that you have enjoyed yourselves and learn something from this blog. Till we write again, DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD OTHERS DO UNTO YOU!


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