I must stress that although this is a game of some sort, I am trying to impart some kind of thinking which makes you think,  sometimes out of the box!

On the one hand, it is a creative exercise. On the other, it widens your knowledge and perspective of things or answers which is slightly of a different kind. The latter is more difficult to accomplish.  I just hope that those who are following and reading my blog understand my dual objectives.

Let’s discuss some answers to a given question: Example – Question 1: When will our fingers do the talking?

The question seems quite innocently state a mere fact. So, what is your immediate response? 1) When we are talking to a mute. 2) When we a miming  3) When our fingers and keyboard come into contact.

I’m very certain that most of us can think of options one and two because we have been expose to these kind of experiences. How many of us would think of option three as an answer?

Example Question2: When it is alive, we call it “pig”. What do we call it when it is dead? The answer can be 1) a dead pig. 2) a carcass. 3) Pork.

Did you get the correct answer : Pork!

Well, so much for the explanation. Now, let us continue with our Q & A.

16. Why is it that when I look into a mirror I can only see myself but not the others?

17. People with dentures will try to avoid eating this?

18. Why was the rapist paid for the job?

19. What is behind of a wolf that is in front of a fox?

20. Why do chopsticks come in pairs?

21. A bar always yields good profit. Why is it so?

22. What flies away when fired but never flies back?

23. Why can’t we see the sun at niight?

24. Can you lift yourself up? I know a certain thing can lift itself up. What is it?

25.When can we see a falling star?

26. What do you call a pair of 4 wheelers?

27. Why do men love to have moustache or beard?

28. How do you tame a mountain?

29. How do we know that the wind has hands and feet ?

30. How do we know that we can use a smile to kill another person?

31. What colours in the world come in first , second and third?


Here are the answers:

16. There is no one else besides you!

17. Chewing gum or bubble gum

18. He has performed the job well.

19. The letter “f”

20. They cannot do the job single-handed!

21. We always hear of “bar gains”. Have you ever heard of a “bar loss”

22. A bullet.

23. We are on the wrong side of the earth!

24. A trunk (of an elelphant) can lift up the trunk (of a tree).

25. When one of the stars decides to leap from a tall building!

26. Roller-skates.

27. They want to look older so that they can marry rich widows!

28. By finding a route which leads to its summit!

29. Because we always say, ” He runs like the wind.” So the wind must have hands and feet!

30. There is a dagger in her smile!

31. Red, Yellow (amber) and Green. Colours of the traffic lights!

I treasure your feedback. Please keep them coming . I welcome them. Hope your have a pleasant time trying to figure out the answeers.

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