I was indeed very surprised when my godson, Alvin, told me that he has been using some of the questions and answers which I have posted in his tutorial class as appetizers! He says the class response is great. Unfortunately, they can’t get into their Internet server to go into I don’t understand the technicalities even though he tried to explain them to me. Truly IT illiterate!

Happiness is all about sharing and SHARING  makes PERFECT HAPPINESS! A very good example is the DEAD SEA. It always receives from its tributaries but never shares its water.  Now it is called the Dead Sea. It does not survive!

Ideas beget ideas and fresh new insights into one’s ideas! It adds and multiplies at lightning speed. Let’s talk about “WHEELS”. The word contains two other words: “HEELS” and “EELS”. With a little creativity, we can construct a story.

Then, there are other by-products. For example I posted the question: Why does a bicycle have only two wheels?” I gave an elaborate answer. True enough, one of the WIZKIDS  straightaway produce some other questions relating to wheels! So, you see, cross-fertilization of ideas is good as it produces better fruits or outcomes!

Well, Let us resume our Q AND A WITH A DIFFERENCE. Remember to practice patience and try your best to give a good answer to each of the questions:

32. What did the miser say to the piece of gold in his hand?

33. Why do children have to go to school?

34. What did the hands say to the gloves?

35. Why can’t my peacock lay eggs?

36. Why do people take drugs?

37. When is the eleventh hour?

38. Why did the linesman raise his flag when no foul or infringement had been committed?

39. What happens when the telephone keeps on ringing in the middle of the night?

40. What did the angler tell the fishes in the pond?

41. When will a cheque bounce?

42. Why do people like to chew gums?

43. Why does a drug addict smoke grass?

44. The lady whom we married has gone through 3 status in her life: girl friend, fiancee, wife. What would you call her if both of you were divorced?

45. What did the bicycle tell the motorist?

46. Why do people keep pets?

47. What did the keyboard tell the monitor?

48. What did the fireman command the fire?

49. Why do all the young people still stand in the bus when there are many vacant seats?

50. If you cut off the head of a snail, what can you find?

I have increased the number of questions. Do have fun. Don’t cheat!


The answers to the above questions are:

32. “You are for keeps!”

33. To learn the ropes of being adults….

34. “You cover us well!”

35. It is a male gender!

36. They want to live in a world of their own choice.

37. It is one hour before the deadline!

38. He wanted to ask the referee for permission to go to the toilet!

39. Someone will eventually smash it into pieces!

40. “I have brought you delicious baits. Come and get them!”

41. When the cheque is made from a rubber tree, it will bounce!

42. They taste better than chewing grass!

43. Since he can’t chew it like cows do, they smoke it!

44. My Ex.

45. “I can send you right into your house while your car has to drop you outside!”

46. It is because they cannot find solace in human relationship!

47. Display when I order you to!

48. “Disappear before I shoot!”

49. They want to live up to what is written on the notice in the bus: Give up your seats to the elderly!

50. A (S) nail!

We may have one last post . Then I shall return to my poetry again! So, enjoy yourselves  and be good!


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