Just not to disappoint the group of students around me, I’ll give another attempt to produce some Q AND A with a difference.

In my last post, I did ask the question : How does one know that he is lost?

I always remember that whenever we organized an  orienteering course for our students many years ago, we always ask them this classic question. We received a variety of response from our students. The first rule of the thumb is when you are lost, try to find out where you are. When you know where you are, you are not lost!

Put on your thinking caps before attempting the following questions:

16. This is a riddle: I’m so dry that you can’t squeeze a drop of water out of me. Yet, I’m so cold that you can’t hold me in your hand. I can disappear in front of you without a trace. What am I?

17. What advice did the watch give to the clock?

18. What likely question will the caterpillar ask its mother?

19. Why is the king called a ruler?

20. If needles have eyes, what do buttons have?

21.What did the envelope tell the letter?

22.Why do we brush our teeth every morning?

23.What did the dollar coin tell the ten-cent coin?

24. What did your right eye tell your left eye?

25. What do you call a wheel with a complete set of teeth?

26.Why do fishes love to swim to the surface of the water?

27.Why do Man attempt to climb high mountains?

28. Why does an obese person grow sideways?

29.What did the freezer tell the naked chicken?

30. Why can’t a crab teach a tortoise how to crawl?

Some students told me   that they have tried to ask their parents some of the questions and they could not answer them. Well, you can try to ask some of your friends either tweet them or email them. Let’s share the fun!

Below are the answers:

16. Dry ice

17. “You must keep up with the time!”

18. If I’m your child, why don’t I look like you?”

19. He has to straighten all his subjects who are crooked!

20. Holes.

21. I take you to the correct address.

22. We want to brighten up our smiles.

23. ” I’m more valuable than you!”

24. “Stay focus instead of roving!”

25. A gear.

26. They want to have a  clearer view of the next world!

27. They want to experience what it is like to be nearer to heaven!

28. It is because he cannot stack up the extra food vertically so he stores them horizontally!

29. “Let me freshen you up!”

30. A crab crawls only sideways whereas the tortoise crawls forward.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed yourselves. Till I write again, do good and be good my friends



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