All living things procreate naturally in order to ensure the survival of their species. It will face distinction when the death rate surpass the birth rate over a period of time!

So, indeed it is a sad situation when one generation exhorts the younger generation to procreate! What has happened or is happening?

Let us not rake up past history. The past is the past. Let us deal with the present scenario! The question at hand is : we need more people . Let us think a little deeper and more thoroughly. Having a big pool of people who are half-baked in education and skills will do the country any better? Can they make the country go into ruins than being the saviours of the next generation!

The human species is entirely different from the other animals. Yes, we can put a male and a female rat in a small area and within three  to nine months, the female will have a litter.  These youngster do not need any teaching or upbringing and they will become adults very soon and will be able to procreate. Unlike them, human beings need care and nurture from infancy to adulthood. Education is the key to their success in life. Is the younger generation ready to shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood?

Just picture a scenario. The adult A has to shoulder the responsibilities of looking after his/her aged parents. If he/she gets married and have a child, the responsibilties are multiplied not just a simple addition of one more responsibilty! Of course, if our parents are millionaires and we are filthy rich, what’s the problem? But we are not; that’s the big problem.

So, I would remain in my comfort zone and let things as they are. Let those who are earning hundreds of thousands procreate and just let us be happy and manage our own life comfortably and as best as we could.

If we dive headlong into procreation, and then have a football team, what would be the outcome? These would add to our many problems. I am of the opinion that those who can afford to procreate do so and be responsible parents. Do not leave the problems for society to solve!


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