Education – the learning of life-skills is the survival skills in life. Do not be mistaken that with higher education, one will earn a lot of money and therefore, will lead a successful life! These are just by-products of education. Education is the educating of the mind on how to live one’s life to its fullest. Each generation needs new survival skills of their time and period. New problems need new methodology to find solutions as the world and society progress. But still, we need the old ones to spring jump to the new ideas and technology. Without the old, there will never be any new ideas.

What am I driving at? I really do not know. What I know is that we are trying to change our curriculum in kindergartens. Teaching modern skills to tiny tots? Teaching them to run before they can walk? Perhaps not. We will not be so foolish as to by-pass the natural growth of innate abilities of a child. Every educator should know the stages of growth and maturity of a child in general. Never put the cart before the horse and expect it to do wonders!

Children are born curious. They love to explore and learn new things. Therefore we have to make use of this strategy before this innate curiosity wanes as the child grows older! Have our curriculum explored various ways to develop and use this strategy or we still clinging to the learning by rote and recitation?

Curiosity is one of the more powerful stimulus which spurs the neurons in a child’s brain to grow. Hence engaging a child’s curiosity may be the secret ingredient for brain-building in the first three or four years in the child’s life. Have we extended the child’s early experiences through the  senses  of  sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. I hope the new curriculum would include these areas.

Then, are teachers ready to cope with the inquisitive interest of a child and try to answer his whys and whats  and use them to further extend the child’s interests? In order to cater to the new curriculum, what is the teacher-child ratio in a class? Will there be changes so that the teacher can manage the children comfortably!

Then, of course, the last but not the least unimportant, is the total cost for such an education. Will common ordinary people able to afford the high fees or it is only catered to the higher strata of society? Well, I don’t have any solutions. I just air them so that at least someone out there would be able to provide a better solution!


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