I remember that I wrote this poem when I was very young. In fact, when I started my teaching career! Then I received lots of criticism from friends and colleagues. After that, I kept this poem in the freezer. I came across it this morning when I went through my old pile of papers. So, I just want to publish it and see what other readers feel about what I have written. Do be frank! I will appreciate your frankness and I want to know the truth. So, here it is:


I have a magic mirror,

Which can make us see our true self,

Strip off completely our skins and bones;

Beneath the mortal flesh,

Secret thoughts and dark deeds appear,

No matter how we camouflage,

Under many layers of masks!

Do we recognize the person,

Whose glossy reflection we see:

A filial son to parents,

A devoted husband to wife,

A caring father to the children,

A sincere friend among colleagues,

A saintly worshipper in temple (or churches),

A successful entrepreneur,

And a generous philanthropist?

These are our masks of camouflage!

Under these masks the mirror reveals,

The hidden dagger we used to plunder,

In sports, work , business and in our daily encounter;

Through what means do we climb the corporate ladder?

Which vile mask we use to remain in this stature,

And pulling wool over people’s eyes?

No, not on this reflective glass!

This image is the genuine us,

Disrobe off all false pretenses;

Do we still love whom we are seeing?

Or do we want to flee and hide,

Shedding uncontrollable tears out of sight?

This magic mirror does not lie,

Truth cannot be bound,

It speaks louder than thunder,

And shines brighter than the sun:

The filial son, eyeing for the inheritance,

The loving husband, sowing wild oats,

The caring father, a way to appease the guilt,

A sincere friend, on whom we crush and climb,

A successful businessman, dealing in dubious ways,

A saintly worshipper, a holy robe for disguise!

Now each layer has been unmasked,

This is the real us that we see,

Forsake our old ways when there is still time,

We may not breathe tomorrow’s air;

No more hidden daggers or masks,

No more plundering and looting from friends and foes,

Peace and happiness will begin to flow!






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