On one hand we encourage couples to have children: the more the merrier. On the other hand our divorce rate is rising whether we like it or not. So, which is better for society or nation?

Just to encourage couples to have more children with carrots dangling in front of them may produce irresponsible parents. I have seen many children from broken homes and they really have different behavioural problems. Please do not use overboard stop-gap measures to solve one problem while creating the problems in the long run. A very good example is : STOP AT TWO!  We really went overboard with this policy but it was necessary at that period of time! We tried to play god without foresight of what the future would bring! Harsh measures were meted out to those who did not tow the line of national policy. That brings us to today’s problem!

One might argue that even without the harsh measures, we might face this present problem. Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

This is what I feel. It is better to encourage responsible parenthood before procreation. Nation and society will progress with lesser problems. What is the use of having a nation of problematic citizens? Do we want to evolve into a police-state?

Well, mine is just a small voice crying in the wilderness! Perhaps, this problem is better solved by those who wear the crown! May the poem below speak to all of us :



Shattering lives,

Of innocent children;

Adults, devoid of love,

Decided to severe marriage vows,

Ignoring the rights of their offsprings,

Of their warm cozy nest,

Forsaking parental responsibilities,

For individual freedom,

Broken pieces,



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