This word is indeed very common and we use it so often that sometimes it just comes automatically when we counsel others who are in distress or pain! It is easier said than done!

When a person is in distress, he or she would find comfort in the word FAITH and put his or her full trust and believe that things or events will turn out for the better. Here, I am not speaking of the religious faith as I am not a preacher nor am I advocating any religion.

So, when we advise a person to have FAITH, what are we asking them to do : To trust that things will turn out well?  I sincerely believe that this is the only comfort we can cling on to when we are desperate. Strangely, as we exercise the power of this word FAITH, something would happen. Perhaps, not for the better but it is nonetheless, for the worse! Though the outcome may not change instantly, the situation somewhat seems not so serious as we have thought it would be! Funny, isn’t it?

Every one of us have a certain amount of FAITH. We constantly (consciously or unconsciously) practise it without our knowing it! Somehow, the whole universe revolves and evolves around this word! We cannot survive on this earth without FAITH! FAITH in human beings, animate objects, events…..Even when we go to bed, we have the FAITH that we will wake up tomorrow and life goes on.

Does our FAITH change? This question has been argued throughout the centuries and it is better left unanswered! When we practise FAITH, it will reinforce itself. Hence, when we exercise FAITH, our FAITH BECOMES STRONGER AND STRONGER.

To those who are Christians and are suffering in one way or another, my advice is have FAITH in GOD. HE has given HIS WORD that even our FAITH IS THE SIZE OF A MUSTARD SEED, HE WILL HONOUR IT. May the poem below speak to all of us:



Gives hope,

And hope, believe;

Evidence of things unseen,

Having assurance it will come,

Based on complete trust in God;

When it comes to past,

Belief will reinforce hope,

Hope strengthens faith,

Complete cycle,



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