The Speak Good English Group has been encouraging to speak good English and not Singlish. I wonder how successful are they? Before we can speak good English, we should be able to read aloud and with meaning and understanding. Alas, how well do students read nowadays? We must go to the schools to make a survey……….

Before students are able to read aloud and well, the teachers must be able to perform reading aloud themselves. How well do they perform in reading.In the advancement of Science and Technology, the teaching of Reading has been displaced. It is considered the least importance of all the skills. Even in Teacher-Training Colleges, the stress is no more in teaching the art of Reading. Ask any teacher how they teach Reading in class and we will know how qualified they are!

I have spoken to teachers about some of the techniques of reading. Ask them what they know about the “linking r”, “Tune 1” and “Tune 2” and how we should read  a sentence which ends with a question tag, most of the young teachers do not know what they mean. Surprise? Definite not! As one of them says, it is not so important in our daily life. How wrong we have been striving. Hence, is the Speak Good English Movement banging their heads against the wall when even educators do not realize the importance of Reading and Speaking!

This is the problem we are facing. Ask a child or student to read aloud is just like asking them to bark at words. How ironic! Perhaps, the Ministry of Education should look into the matter. Otherwise, the situation may worsen.! ( I wonder if teachers have gone through Speech Training and Phonetics like in the good old days. Or are all these irrelevant?)

Well, mine is only a small voice crying in the wilderness. Does anyone care?


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