This morning, I jumped bumped into a young lady who was wearing the T-shirt with these words printed on it. Both of us apologised simultaneously. Then she gave me sweet beautiful smile which I returned courteously and instantly!

I began to wonder, what message is she trying to tell others? “You don’t understand me” – Who is the “you” and “me”?

UNDERSTANDING is more than a two-way traffic! It takes a very long time to understand a person. Even an individual finds difficulties in understanding his/her own self, let alone another individual! We can understand someone to a certain degree and can even predict the outcome in similar situation. But in another scenario, the other individual’s thinking may have changed and modified or altered slightly and our understanding is off the mark.

So, how do we want some one understand us thoroughly? Even between spouses,after being married to each other for more than 30 years may find it difficult to understand his/her partner! So, if some one were to say, “I understand him fully” is a lie! The human mind is so complex (unlike a machine or a computer), we can never plot the outcome!

So, it is true that “You don’t understand me” and “I don’t understand you”! It is because of this UNDERSTANDING, that many wars are fought, many relationships are severed, many other matter is messed up.

We re-act to a situation based on our UNDERSTANDING and the so-called UNDERSTANDING of the other person. If both UNDERSTANDING coincide, then the situation can be resolved. But when both differs, the matter worsens. This makes our lives more interesting or miserable. That’s LIFE!

So, if I were to put on a T-shirt with the above words, I’m crying out to other people to understand me! This is a psychological reaction why I choose to put on that T-shirt and telling every body that I need UNDERSTANDING!  Perhaps, that young lady is in that similar frame of mind when she cries aloud to all those who can read : YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!



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