M U S I C…………

Last night, as I was going through my music files, I came across a very old album which contains the song:THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN. Oh, what a find it was! I have not sung nor heard this favourite song of mine for more than thirty years. Instantly, my hand reached out  to play that song over and over again until my wife scolded me MAD!

Ah, even this morning, as I recollect it now, it still brings back very happy memories of by-gone years. I had a very sound and peaceful rest last night and woke up this morning, feeling young and energetic!

Then, all of a sudden, strains of music fill the air and words gush out like a turn-on tap! I quickly jot them down. This is straight from the oven – REAL FRESH!  Hope you like it as much as I do:



Soothing sounds,

With regular beats,

Rhythm and rhyme too;

Lyrics  add sentiments and meanings,

Complementary or differentiate feelings of audience,

The conductor skilfully weaves,

A symphonic tapestry;

Appreciative audience,



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