Many of us feel discontented in this life. I suppose we are born that way. If we are contented, we will not start inventing and experimenting new gadgets. There is a certain degree of discontentment in each one of us.

Well, I have seen many vagabonds who have no roof under their heads. They sleep in the park or anywhere. Some sleep at 24-hour coffee-shops or other entertainment places which open 24-hours. These people really suffer numerous hardship. They are not all foreigners. Some are local citizens. I have spoken to a few of them. Their stories are very sad.

So, just last night, while talking to one of them, he told me a said story about his companion who just left this earth a month ago. I was very touched by the story. I just wish if only I had a magic wand, I”ll…………

I am not going to write the story here. Instead, I have written a poem last night. Hope it speaks to all of us:


Looking for a dry space,

The frail vagabond lay down to rest;

The cardboard as a mat,

Newspapers as blanket!

The stars and moon his silent companions,

Watching over him as he rested;

With stomach growling he forced himself to sleep,

Believing that tomorrow he would have a better feast

Of discarded left-overs!

He found himself in a posh restaurant,

Having a sumptuous meal,

He gorged himself  his stomach to fill;

He coughed and choked himself in his drunken sleep,

Gasping for air he reluctantly awoke,

His gnawing stomach giving him stabbing pain,

He reeled and curled his body like an injured dog!

He tossed and turned to resume his happy dream,

But his frail and feeble body refused to obey,

Suddenly, he let off a shrill soft sound,

Motionless and never awoke again!

Friends, let us count our blessings and thank God for His providence and provision!













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