What an uproar! Someone wrote something which made and is making almost every one unhappy.The Social Media is a force to be reckoned with. Once anger is ignited, it spreads worse than the  forest fire of  Indonesia! And everybody will suffer the haze, ashes and smog!

So, it is good that (every now and then) all writers of blogs, must reflect on this maxim: THINK BEFORE WE WRITE. It is just as simple as that!

We can understand that the writer is angry, frustrated,…..and he/she is bashing all the feelings down without realising or thinking about the cause and effect law! When a writer is in such a mood , then he/she must refrain from writing anything in black and white and post it  on the blog. NEVER WRITE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANGER! When harm or injury is inflicted, there is no time for regrets! No matter how many apologies are being offered, they will never soothe the wound and hurts!

Well, perhaps the poem below is food for thought to any writer who is  in an  ANGRY MOOD and wants to post his/her feelings for all to read. Beware of the CONSEQUENCES!



Irritated feelings,

Blood pressure soars,

Clenched fists and teeth,

Venting physical and emotional steam;

Mind closed and beyond logical control,

Rash actions causing consequential repercussions,

Too late to repent,

Volcano once erupts,

Massive destruction,


When nothing can stop the extremely angry writer from posting ihis/her feelings on his/her blog, the next best thing to do is JUST SIMPLY TURN OFF THE POWER SWITCH OF YOUR COMPUTER. Then he/she is in SAFE GROUND!


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