Why do people commit suicide? I suppose there are numerous reasons for one to do so. Yet, the ending of one’s life is a crime! How ironic! How does one ending one’s life a crime? He didn’t kill anyone, nor harm another person! Then, how is it a crime? I know what kind of answer you’ll give me. Well, let us leave it at that.

Let us put ourselves into that person’s shoes. At that point of time, his/her mind is in turbulence and in great turmoil. Thinking logically is out of the question! How to overcome the situation?

It does need great courage and determination to die! Any sane person looking down from a very high-rise building will automatically have a sense of self-preservation and instantly move away from the ledge. Then, how is it that the one attempt suicide does not have that kind of feeling? Furthermore, if we stop this person from dying, how do we solve his/her immediate problems. We treat it as a crime, but what can we offer in return? Can we have a magic wand and hey presto, he/she can surmount the troubles he/she is facing! Well, well, that will be great, isn’t it?

This brings me to the poem I wrote some time ago.It is entitled suicide. Hope it speaks to all of us:



The ending of one’s life,

Is indeed a very pitiful act!

What has driven one to such a drastic state,

Is beyond the understanding of by-standers!

Only the victim is gripped by overwhelming sadness,

Which churns in his mind every second;

Bottling up this explosive emotion,

With no one to turn to for advice or comfort!


After much painful consideration,

In his unstable state of mind,

Suicide is the only way out;

That will solve his immediate predicament!

Hardly does he give a thought,

The result of his action will cause,

To those whom he will leave behind!

In heavy dizziness, his mind churns,

As he plunges headlong through the air;

Shuts his eyes and breathes his last, The ending is quick and fast!


Is his decision right or wrong?

Is for us to contemplate;

Who are we to judge,

When we’re not wearing his shoes!


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