It was and still is once said that “Marriages are built in Heaven but tested on Earth!” How many of us believe in this saying? I just wonder!

The marriage between two matured adults is a contract and an agreement to share each other’s happiness or sorrows together in this life-time! Be it religious or non-religious, the marriage is held and witnessed by friends and relatives that both have taken this stand in health and in sickness do they part.Isn’t it a beautiful contract!

Yet, Life with its many twists and turns, the temptations laid before the unstable mind, the ever-changing taste and try something new seems too great and in the end either of the spouses is being led astray and the contract is violated.  Then the link of the chain starts to give way and slowly the chain is broken. How sad it is!

In life, there  must be a give and take attitude. But many of us will never be able to forgive a spouse who strayed. How can you sleep with him or her knowing that he/she has been unfaithful to you? It takes great effort and mindset to forgive and forget! That is why divorce is on the rise.

This is one of the common causes for divorce. There are many other reasons – too numerous to name them. Especially, nowadays, the life-style is so different. We see young couples still in their school uniform, hugging, interlocking each other in hot embrace, kissing and doing all other intimate acts in front of everybody else! The social media shows a variety of examples that these youngsters are experimenting. The more sly matured ones call this new age love!

Well, well, to those who are tying the marriage knots soon, evaluate your love again What does love mean to you? Physical attraction, sexual pleasure,….. find out and answer the question squarely. Then, how financially stable are you? Are you able to provide the means for two to live by (don’t forget that more mouths to feed as the years go by). Thirdly, are you sure  that you will stick to your spouse through thick and thin (even if the law doesn’t allow you to divorce)?

Well, there are people who say<“Marriage is a GAMBLE It will take a life-time to see if you win or lose!” This is the choice you have to make. No one can guarantee you. You have to live with the choice that you have made. So, think carefully, before you march down the aisles!


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