Have we ever thought about the magical powers that is associated with our names? But first do you believe that there is some sort of unseen powers in names?Because of this belief, many Chinese consult fortune-tellers (or taoist monks) whenever they need to give a name to a  new-born  child!

Gone are the days when parents give their children names like “Ah Kow (Dog), “Ah Niew” (bull or cow) or “Ah Choo (Pig)…..They believed that by giving the child these names, the child would be able to grow up healthy and strong like the animals they named after! Is it foolishness on their part? I really don’t know……but because many of them were illiterates during that generation, they just follow what they believed in without questioning.

Nowadays, with the influence of the social media, cross-cultural names are acceptable! We can read funny names, exotic names, sexy names…and what have you, on the internet. Now, is our name very important to us? The answer is a ringing “YES”!

Our name is unique. It represents US for good or bad. It is up to us to make it good. It is that unique possession that we have which we ourselves seldom make use of, but it is often used by others when referring to us! So, we must take care of our name so that it will not be tarnished by what we do!

If someone is to ask you, “Who are you?” How will you answer? “Oh, I’m Mr So and So,” could be your reply. If the inquirer seems not to recognise or know your name, you might want to add more information to your name. “I’m So and So, the CEO or GM of ABC Company.” Now, this shows we are proud of our position and company! If still the inquirer fails to recognise you, what would you say? Ah, you would add on and on……..I”m your neighbour or I”m the father of XYZ. Hey, presto! That rings a bell to the inquirer and at once, you have succeeded to introduce yourself……..

Ah, I always wonder how I would answer that question: WHO ARE YOU?

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