I do not know why I’m thinking of this song since  I woke up this morning.  I know that I love this old song as it is one of my favorites. I even posted it on my blog the other day. As I am writing the blog, flashes of verses need to be written out. So without much hesitation, I am typing it out now…….straightaway from thoughts to black and white.


Three coins thrown into the fountain,

Bearing the secret supplications of their owners;

Each hoping to be blessed and answered,

Their one wish would be granted!

If only one wish is to be granted,

The other two would be disappointed;

When none is answered,

Three hears will be devastated;

If you have the power to grant only one,

Whose supplication will you bless?

The choice is truly difficult to make,

Like God, your name is at stake;

Whomsoever you show favour to,

Will disappoint the other two!

Let it be status quo,

But re-align their future as you see fit,

And allow Time to pass;

Slowly but surely each will see,

The wisdom of your choice!


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