Today is indeed a joyous day for all as the Hindus celebrate DEEPAVALI. THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS ( over darkness) reminds us that GOOD WILL FINALLY TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!

But in our modern society, there are still many people being enslaved by superstition because they do not have sufficient knowledge to free themselves from this bondage. But then, it may be a  SUPERSTITION to oneself but it’s TRUTH to those who full-heartedly believed it. So, where do we draw the line?

It is always the truth that stands the test of Time. Knowledge, like Light, illuminates the mind and enables it to differentiate the good and the evil. Then does that mean that a knowledgeable person does not commit evil and all evil doers are foolish people? Definitely not!  Whoever commits evil is a foolish person even though he/she is wise because he/she has allowed him/herself to commit evil.

There are many clever people who disguise their evil deeds by appearing or seemingly doing good deeds! It’s difficult to see through the camouflage! But the truth will emerge one day.

When we are in the Light, we cannot do anything that is evil because everyone can see our actions. When we are in Darkness, we can manipulate our evil actions because others will not see us in the darkness! That’s the difference between those who are in the Light and those who are in Darkness! So, who are  we :  children of Light or children of  Darkness?



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