Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my godson, Alvin, who has just returned from China. He will be spending the next few days here before he takes up a new post in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

About 7 years ago, as a bachelor, he left Singapore to seek his fortune in China as his company sent him there. Now, 7 years went flashing past like lightning. He is now married and has two sons! The whole family will be living in KL. I am happy for him as he will be nearer to his own parents and his other siblings.

How Time flies! As I see him now, I realize that he has matured in his outlook. To me he still looks the same as before. We really had a good and long sharing session.  I was pleasantly surprised when he produced three copies of CONVERSATION WITH INSANITY which we wrote in 2004. At last, I can see the book in its printed form! What about the next sequel we were supposed to write?

Last night, I tried to hunt through my old writing exercise books a found but only less than 10 pages. If I can live through 2015, I will show up the sequel! While browsing through my old junk, I read some of my poems which I wrote earlier in life. I must admit that all the poems at that time was written under the influence of Ta0ism and Buddhism. I shall post one or two here just to share them with the readers. I am sure many readers when they read the poem below, would fully understand the content which is very Buddhist in essence! Be it Taoism, Buddhism or Christianity, let the poem speak to you.





Continuous link,

One to another,

Without beginning nor ending;

Yoke which binds and separates;

Be it physical, mental or spiritual;

Break it by letting go,

Freeing the mind instantly;

Liberated from attachment,

Attain enlightenment,



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