I must thank our government for designated void decks under some of the blocks of flats as Study Corners to cater to those who find studying in their flats not too conducive. Through the years, very few of these study corners are fully utilized. Hence most of them have become white elephants!

Now for a few years, I have found that this study corner is very often greatly used. It provides power for users who use their laptops. This writer has been using the place to write his blogs. It is a fact of life that some people will misuse the facilities provided. This is what is actually happening in this Study Corner!

Very recently according to someone, the Town Council has decided to cut off the power supply and limit the hours from 1700h to  2100h. Well, we who use the place are at the mercy of all those who misuse it. Is this fair?

Just two or three days ago, I heard that someone telephoned the Neighbourhood Police Post and informed them that there were people who were misusing the place to repair and repaint/respray their bicycles. The police attended to the matter but it seemed they did not take any action against the culprits. I just wonder why it is so?

These culprits had sprayed paint and dirtied the stone tables. There was black paint splashed on the floor. Even a small portion of the pillars are dirtied with their handiwork! Now, this is the question I would like the police to clarify: Isn’t such acts classified as VANDALISM?

What is VANDALISM? It is the DESTROYING OR DEFACING PUBLIC PROPERTY! The culprits be they citizens or others ought to be punished. I just wonder why no action has been taken by the police officers? Let this post stand as a testimony! Ah, mine is only a small voice  crying in the wilderness. Will the relevant authorities do something about it even the police didn’t take action. I only hope that those students who read this blog (they know who they are and some of them do read this blog) will wake up and grow up to be aware of their own actions!


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