Dots and lines are powerful symbolism in Taoism. When Tao is in a  stationary position, it is just a creative dot like a full-stop. When its creative force  is in motion , the dot becomes a line and objects whether animate of inanimate are created! These are very powerful  imageries. Hence, this was how the universe was created……….

I remember that I read this when I was searching for the Truth at a very young age. I used to ask questions like: Where is God? Why am I here? What is life and death? Ah, those were the days where I would devour very kinds of literature which answer any of those questions. Unfortunately, unlike today, books especially religious books were difficult to come by. Books were very few and expensive. Nowadays, we are flooded with all kinds of information which we do not have time to read them!

The poem below was the result of my fascination of the literature that I read during those time. Now, I must say that Taoism was a very secretive way of life and those who know and practise it did not like to share the secret with outsiders then. But I was fortunate to have at least some kind of tuition by an old man who was our neighbour.

Well, let this poem speak to you. You will recognize the Taoism essence!



Creative force;

Full of energy,

Creator of all things;

Giving forms, shapes and boundaries,

To all living and inanimate things;

Erase boundaries, shapes and forms,

All things become nothing,

Back to originality,

Creative emptiness,



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