This is the first post which I am writing using PHILIPS Tablet 7. I am  learning how to use it. The gadget is like a friendly new toy : more friendly than my old laptop. It is very light and  convenient to use. I do not know how to use the many functions it provides but am willing to learn!

This is just to show that an IT illiterate person wants to and has decided to upgrade his skills and knowledge in IT!  For this, I have to thank my godson, Alvin, who gave me the new gadget. He showed me how to do the various functions. As you know, this old man thought that it is simple. Indeed, it was simple when he is around. Any problem that I encountered, he was there to help. Now, it is a different story! He is not around and the problems just multiply with no one to turn to! I am using the trial and error method to solve it.

The surprising thing is : sometimes I am allowed to go into the net and sometimes I am not allowed to go into the net, even though I do the same routine steps. Funny, isn’t it? It dawns on me that somebody up there is testing me. Just like writing this post. I have to edit it so many times because the whole page disappears and a blank page appeared. I don’t know what is the reason since I have not pressed any wrong buttons!

I think I am not used to working in the National Library. Too quiet and surrounded by a lot of students. I am the only old man around playing with the Philips tablet 7 android. I am feeling embarrassed too because I am not used to the one finger typing on the on-screen keyboard. Tedious work.

Well, Alvin must be having a good laugh when he reads this post. Must apologize for editing this post so many times because I could not see the “save draft” button. This is a good experience. At last, I can stop here. Till I write again, do good and be good, friends.




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