In the early fifties, Taoism was very mysterious and intriguing. There were very few books which one could read to learn more. The Taoists at that period of time did not like to teach others about their way of life.

The modern century, with the computer and Internet, knowledge comes so easily. How blessed we are!

The two poems below were written under the influence of Taoism. Let us enjoy them:


Great is the Way without a name,

Which leads to immortality;

Directional sign-posts are everywhere,

To help seekers who stray:

Listen to the wind and birds,

Follow the sun and the stars,

Set your eyes on the clouds and mountains,

They unlock the secrets of Tao;

He who diligently seeks will find,

He who practises it will understand,

He who understands will be rewarded,

The cloak of immortality!



I was with Tao in my mother’s  womb,

And existed in great ecstasy;

I was alone when I took my first breath,

And Tao was nowhere to be seen!

I travelled the world over in search of Tao,

But Tao was never to be found,

I became lost in this world of darkness!

One day, I heard the birds sing,

The melodious sounds of Tao,

And the wind caressing my face softly whispered:

“Tao is within the breath you take,

And has never left you alone……………”

Instantly everything is clear as daylight,

And now I exist in ecstasy!


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