Fear is an interesting topic ? Some people say that “Fear is in the eyes of the beholder! ” What can we understand by that sentence?

FEAR IS IRRATIONAL! When we are mentally and emotionally stable, we can handle our fears well; but when we are emotionally destabilized, FEAR looms  into immense proportions!

Usually when we venture  into something unknown, there is always a certain degree of fear. Fear is usually caused by worries and worries create anxiety. Anxiety will develop into fear if not properly dealt with. Extreme fear can destroy a  person’s whole being. Irrational fear can drive a person to suicide!committing suicide.

FEAR on the other hand is one of the survival instincts of an individual. . Experience does teach us to be wary and fearful of some things. We must not allow FEAR  to overwhelm us or make us irrational! Once we become irrational, we will not be able to think, act or perform anything properly or sensibly.

When we are fearful, the best thing to do is never to be alone. Loneliness makes the FEAR AWESOME! We must try to confide with someone who could help us to analyze the problem. Sharing the fear with someone lightens one’s burden already!

Or else, say to yourself, “I choose not to be afraid. I choose not to fear! There is nothing for me to fear! Once you are determined and say it to yourself these sentences, you will be able to drive away the fear. Then seek help!…….

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