He who conquers others is strong but he who conquers himself is stronger! It is indeed a very true and wise saying after all! But some may disagree with this ancient wisdom!

To conquer or overcome another person, what one needs, is brute strength! In any fight, the stronger person always overcomes the weaker one! Of course, there is some exception to the rule! But generally, the mighty over-powers the weakling whether in war or in life. Ah, I heard some one is bringing up David and Goliath! Then, that is a different story altogether!

Is it that difficult to overcome oneself? The answer is a resounding “YES”. Even the Bible says the tongue is the most difficult to tame! It does not mean that it is impossible to overcome oneself, but in doing so, one shows that he is made of stronger stuff than mere brute strength!

So, this saying simply means that One is strong when he or she overcomes hisor her  opponent in a show of strength; but he or she is even stronger if he or she can overcome himself or herself. Do you agree ?


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